(Last updated: 6/12/2019)

I'm Amudhan - an undergrad student from Coimbatore, India. I currently run a small web-dev team and also serve as the Regional Director for India at mymun; among another role at the South Indian Model United Nations.

I was weaned onto computers on my dad's Pentium II machine and lived through the dial-up ages of the early 2000's. I eventually got my first computer in the 4th grade - and the rest, as they say, is history.

I consider myself fairly acquainted with computers (and technology in general). I believe that computers are fascinating machines; but that they're a reflection of the people using them. It's simple - Good people make good technology.

Why do you blog?

I find myself having a lot to talk about and rarely enough people to talk with. I also like documenting my opinions, thoughts and ideas. By making this a public blog, I hope to find like minded people. Hopefully other people will find these posts useful, helpful or interesting. I firmly believe that blogs are a two-way conversation and happily welcome emails, comments - as long they are more or less on topic.

What is the meaning of 'Failed machine'?

Over the course of time, I find myself building strange (tech) things, in an attempt to understand them better. Surprise-surprise, these ultimately end up failing. A few examples are:

  • A drone (tricopter)
  • An online personal journalling platform (https://souljournal.in)
  • A grid-based plant health monitoring system
  • Several other less exciting projects that evaporated with a puff of smoke

As a practicing technophile, I've mucked up more than my share of tech (machines). Hence, the name.

How do I contact you?